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February 2018

About Copeka

About Us

Making money for its own sake has never been very interesting to any of the three owners of Copeka. We’re asking ourselves, “what do we want to do with it once we make it, and how are we changing the world in the process?” That’s more interesting. Let’s talk about that. This is why we’re here, and this is the way we’re doing it.

Copeka is:


Copeka has been intentionally designed to jump start ideas and bring a fresh sense of inspiration to everyone who experiences it, and we think it shows. From our decor to our menu, you can see that we emphasize play. We love that our space is used for meetings, sign making parties, diy concerts, improv shows, political gatherings, baby showers, new mom play groups, cocktail parties, and film nights. You’re likely to see a group of toddlers and moms playing in our Living Room early in the morning and a really loud metal band in the same spot later that night. One day might see us hosting a meeting for political activists in the afternoon and an improv comedy show when the sun goes down. What do you want to do at Copeka? Come see us!


Walking into Copeka is like entering an anachronistic world of endless probabilities. It’s never quite what you assumed. You might hear Kendrick Lamar zip into your eardrums from the speakers while you flip through a mid-century Betty Crocker cookbook and eat your avocado toast with vegan ricotta. You might be sitting next to our iconic embroidery wall in a plush chair made in 1968, or in our Living Room on a sofa in front of the fireplace. Somewhere, from a hiding place high above you, a dinosaur is probably looking on. If you want to play a game, you can count how many giraffes are in the building (hint: it’s kind of a lot). We set the scene. You bring your possibilities. Together we make the whole world a little weirder and a lot more wonderful.


People are more important than things. This is the basic philosophy behind how we approach our decisions internally and how we are building our Copeka community all the time. We strive to provide a Radically Inclusive container for the astoundingly beautiful human community we invite into the space every day. We have a rule about not allowing bigotry, racism, homophobia, transphobia, or other hatred at Copeka. Everything else is fair game, because we care about fairness, justice, and you.


Soon enough, you will have a favorite chair at Copeka, maybe in the center of the room at a table, or maybe in the corner by the window. We will remember your name, and if you come in enough we’ll probably start getting your order ready before you even make it through the front door. We want to get to know you and your family and your best friends. When you aren’t at home and want to feel centered, Copeka is the grounding point for your day. We’ve got your back.