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March 2019

Wilderness Matters

All Things Wild

Why Copeka Supports CORE, the Colorado Outdoor Recreation and Economy Act

(For Connie and Billie)

The world is moving rapidly, this we know. It’s a challenge to stay mindful, isn’t it? You may have seen this at Copeka - one of us will get in a rush to make coffee and forget to arrange the pot correctly, so coffee goes all over the counter and the floor. So much for saving time! In a rapidly moving world, staying focused and centered takes effort.

It’s important to realize that the world may be moving rapidly, but the Earth isn’t; all things wild are still moving along in their own time. You know that feeling of stillness that pulls at the core of you when you’re in a quiet, wilder place? If you’re like me, you may get recharged and centered when you visit nature. This is super valuable and, although it’s something money can’t buy, it definitely contributes to the economy by offering many of us a space to clear our minds and return to the world with energy, focus, and ideas.

Copeka is a proud member of the Colorado Outdoor Business Association (COBA) and we are actively supporting the CORE. Please join us by calling Congress in support: