Grilled Cheese

Copeka’s Big Cheese 11am–2pm Monday — Friday

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

awesome grilled cheese sandwiches made with Izzio San Francisco sourdough brushed with butter.

for one extra buck, make your sandwich v, two bucks for gf bread

the basic 6.5

muenster, american cheese & cheddar cheese

the basic greengo 7.25

the basic plus local green chilies, choose medium or hot!

the smash 7.50

muenster, cheddar, american, grilled tomatoes, choice of spicy or mild green chilies. Just before we close the sandwich, we top it with bbq potato chips and smash it together.

get figgy with it 8.5

a slather of fig jam, brie, muenster, arugula, truffle salt. - yum!

cloud girl 8.5

brie, muenster, fruit and local honey dizzle

damascus on a grill 8.75

They said it couldn’t be done, but we did it. We took our love to damascus toast, and grilled it. our house made hummus, fresh tomatoes, capers, onion, preserved lemons, house-made feta (dairy) or vegan house-made ricotta, cilantro.

kiddo’s basic 4.5

a smaller basic, muenster, american cheese & cheddar cheese

tomato soup 4

dunk your sandwich in our house made soup

bag-of-chips 1.5

copeka cookies 2.5

copeka’s classic cookie, ready to accompany your sandwich (d or v)

sodas or lacroix waters 1.5