Foods Menu

fresh pastries made daily various prices

ask your barista about today’s selection (mostly v) (gf options)

house made tropical honey nut granola

dried mango, papaya, coconut, various seeds and nuts

  • milk — 5.25
  • frothed milk - 5.75
  • yogurt — 6.5
  • yogurt and fresh seasonal fruit — 8.5
  • milk and yogurt options are d or v


all of our toasts are served on a choice of our house made aardvark bread, a seedy rustic loaf of legend, or Izzio Sourdough.

  • gf option available — 2

buttered toast 3

choose butter or vegan butter

buttered toast with house made local jam 4

choose butter or vegan butter, inquire about today’s jam

buttered cinnamon toast 3.5

choice of butter or vegan butter, dusting of organic cinnamon sugar

peanut butter, local honey drizzle and fresh fruit smash 5.55

you–do–you toast 6.75

choice of avocado smash, our house-made ricotta (d or v) or black bean hummus

choice of up to four toppings

  • chia seeds
  • house-made feta d
  • black beans
  • house-made ricotta (d or v)
  • fresh tomatoes
  • sun-dried tomatoes
  • fresh onion
  • avocado smash v
  • pesto v
  • toasted sunflower seeds
  • cilantro
  • capers
  • hummus

Curated Toasts

the cheap trick 7.75

avocado smash, chia seeds, pesto, fresh tomato, suns-dried tomatoes, dash of cheap trick (aka truffle salt), our house-made ricotta (d or v)

  • add a small salad – 4

love to damascus 7.75

while the origin of hummus is contested, the introduction of lemons (essential to the recipe) is well known to belong to damascus. — house made hummus, fresh tomatoes, capers, onion, preserved lemons, house-made feta (dairy) or vegan house-made ricotta, cilantro

  • add a small salad – 4

charmed, i’m sure 7.75

our house-made ricotta (d or v), fresh strawberries, toasted almonds, choose local honey or rosemary-lavender syrup drizzle

  • add a small salad – 4

triple threat 8.5

avocado smash, house-made ricotta (d or v), black bean hummus, sliced red onion, parsley, fresh tomato, copeka’s preserved lemons, and our lemon-rosmary sea salt

  • add a small salad – 4


hey jude salad 10:

fresh spicy arugula, avocado smash, chia seeds, fruit of the moment, red onion, roasted sunflower seeds, dash of cheap trick (truffle salt) side of rosemary lavender vinaigrette v gf

  • add house-made feta d or ricotta v — 2


curated soup 8

Choose from our sunshine carrot and fresh dill or roasted tomato soups, sprinkled with fresh chopped herbs from the garden and a dollop of our house-made ricotta ( d or v ) gf8

  • add a slice of aardvark bread with butter ( d or v ) — 1.5

small sunshine carrot soup 5

community tomato soup pay what you will

sometimes the best things in life are simple. lightly sautéed onions, garlic, ripe roasted tomatoes, good broth, sprinkle of herbs de provence, and a good dash of copeka love v gf