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Copeka Snacks Menu

not toast!

tiropitas (cheese pies) 10.25

house feta and ricotta, pasture raised eggs, seasoned with mint and dill, wrapped in phyllo, kissed with olive oil. Served with fresh seasonal fruit (please allow 20 minutes for preparation)

hazelnut cardamom granola v

  • our house made granola. pick your milk
  • dairy milk — 6.25
  • alternative milk — 7.00
  • milk and fresh seasonal fruit — 8.5
  • alt. milk and fresh seasonal fruit — 9.25 $$

lemon berry chia parfait 6.75

organic chia, new guinea vanilla, fresh lemon, berries, agave, toasted coconut, coconut milk v

a sandwich

BATS 7.85

coconut bacon, avocado smash, fresh tomato, toasted sunflower seeds on izzio sourdough (vanilla)


choice of house whole grain aardvark bread or izzio sourdough. gf available for a charge.

curated toasts

the cheap trick 8.35

avocado smash, chia seeds, pesto, fresh tomato, sun-dried tomatoes, dash of cheap trick (aka: truffle salt), house ricotta (d or v)

pairs with:
Palisade Dirty Hippie

charmed, i’m sure 7.85

house ricotta (d or v), fresh seasonal fruit, toasted almonds, local honey drizzle

pairs with:
Vanilla Latte
Vanilla Old Fashion Cocktail

dusted 7.85

house ricotta (d or v), fresh seasonal fruit, toasted almonds, dusting of cinnamon sugar

pairs with:
Chai or even a Dirty Chai
Mid-Century Old Fashioned Cocktail

gwc 7.85

peanut butter, seasonal fresh fruit, colorado honey drizzle

pairs with:
House-made Hot Chocolate
Carlson Cellar SWAG

thai toast 8.25

izzio sour dough, peanut butter, pickles, red onion, cilantro, sriracha

pairs with:
Palisade Laid Back Blonde
Carlson Vineyard Rose
The Answer batch brew

the triple threat 8.75

avocado smash, house ricotta (d or v), black bean hummus, sliced red onion, parsley, fresh tomato, preserved lemons, house lemon-rosemary sea salt

pairs with:
Carlson NSFW White
Ethiopia Natural Pour Over

you–do–you toast 7

choice of base of avocado smash, our house ricotta (d or v), or black bean hummus

choice of up to four toppings:

  • house-made feta d
  • house-made ricotta (d or v)
  • fresh tomatoes
  • sun-dried tomatoes
  • avocado smash v
  • toasted sunflower
  • garbanzo beans
  • chia seeds
  • hummus
  • pesto v
  • cilantro
  • capers
  • seeds

side toasts

buttered toast 4

dairy butter or vegan butter

toast & house jam 4.5

choose butter or vegan butter, inquire about today’s jam

cinnamon toast 4.25

dairy butter or vegan butter, dusting of organic cinnamon sugar

peanut butter & honey 6.25